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There are several different combinations of Campy shifters & Shimano hubs/cassettes that can work together. I and several other folks helped Louis Dubrey with an article that outlines most of them and you can download the .pdf file here:

Although I'm not sure it's mentioned in Louis article, in addition to the "Shimagnolo adapter" that lets you use Campy 10 with Shimano 9, Wheels Manufacturing now produces an Accelerator 10 Speed cassette (remanufactured Ultegra, Shimano splined) that fits on most hubs with the exception of Chris King, Spox, and Shimano's integrated wheel systems. Although not cheap at $125, these cassettes do let you bridge the gap between Campy 10 speed and Shimano wheelsets until you go full Campy with a new wheelset.

For reference purposes, I've got four different road bikes with Campy 9 speed shifters (pre-2001 and post) that work interchangably with Shimano 9 speed and/or Campy 9 speed cassettes/wheelsets and no special adapters or tricks other than careful adjustment of the rear derailler. 10 speed does pose more challenges but is not insurmountable. Campy 9 speed also works flawlessly with Shimano 8 speed cassettes without adapters. Just adjust the derailleur stop to lock-out the 9th "click" on the Campy Shifter.
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