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Originally Posted by ooga-booga View Post
the main thing is to get your posterior out there. gotta pick your spots when driving to a riding start. may or may not work
but always have a backup plan/location in mind in your first choice is too windy, wet, fire situation, road repaving/closure, etc.
Work kept me later than I liked, but at least got to do Mesa Grande from Santa Ysabal out and back. It is a gorgeous road--besides the dead rattlers and the enormous living spider (a tarantula?). And around 6 pm the weather and light was perfect. I see you were nearby a few hours earlier.

Thanks for the warning about the wind; I never even thought to check it.

Do I need to be worried about rattlers when riding? I flew by the first one downhill; it almost gave me a heart attack until I looped back and saw it was dead.
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