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yah, mesa grande is a chill road for sure. woulda done the harder, northern climb and back down today if i had more energy but i didn't and was happy with my ride as it was.

wind was perfect today north of santa ysabel to palomar. from julian south to campo, it was a bit much today.

rattlesnakes cannot strike/bite you unless they are curled up. in socal, they will generally hibernate from late november to late february. this time of year, they will be out early and late.
i'd be more worried about them if i were riding gravel/mtb bike. riding road, unless you're riding on the very rightmost edge of the road, i wouldn't worry about them. roads heat up pretty quick
during the warmer months and the area right next to the paved road will likely be too inhospitable for rattlesnakes from 9:30am-6pm. back in the day when i hiked vs cycling for exercise,
i can't tell you how many times i walked directly over a rattlesnake warming itself on the trail in the morning. looks just like a stick.

and yah, it was a tarantula. they keep early and late hours as well. fyi...the local variety can jump three feet to subdue prey. for humans tho, they're relatively harmless.
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