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My #2 favorite burrito place is off limits to me now. (#1 was striken from my list long ago, when employees were openly calling the virus a hoax). Employees are fine, hand sanitizer for before and after you sign on the pad (wish they'd do away with that step but anyway), but customers ignore the signage and employees let it happen. I mean it's a sad thing these places have to deal with non believers, but if you can toss 'em for no shirt, you can toss 'em for no mask (or mask with the nose hanging out).

OTOH we found a tertiary burrito place that has an expansive outdoor seating area, under trees, away from the downtown foot traffic, and thus far they're sticking to their guns for masks. Burritos themselves seem decent. I'll sample their torta next; I've not found a west Texas quality Torta since, well, leaving west Texas.

As my buddy Cesar says, I hate people, they suck.
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