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Cheese and Rice have I been sick - food poisoning

The wife and I along with some good friends have been trying to get together since Feb for one of our bi-annual trips, the other typically around Oct. Obviously the old "VID" has made that increasingly difficult. Anywho, we have been watching Airbnb and found a really great spot down in Jax with a pool, hot tub, and dog friendly. We packed all the food we needed for the stay and went on to a TERRIFIC time over the weekend. On the way out of town we tried to stop in a Waffle House and this place was completely packed to a point of nope. Followed directions to a nearby McDonalds to get something for the road and it was in a WalMart, also a nope. Ended up being a chicken place in the parking lot called Jollibee. Figured what the heck.....

I had never HEARD of Jollibee. A quick look up indicated that they are a Philippine based/themed restaurant which serves a variety of food, highlighting fried chicken, and spaghetti on the drive through sign (ya, pretty odd) along with hamburgers and all manner of other things. I am a get hangry kind of guy, particularly for something breakfast and just need to eat. Each of the other three companions (wife included) also gave this place a quick nope. I had ordered what I thought was a plain fried chicken sandwich and some fries. We were asked to pull into a waiting spot while they cooked the fries and we waited...spun the dog around...said goodbye to our friends again. Here comes the bag(s) of food and we are off. Had to stop for gas, blah blah, get on the road and are a few miles away before I really even have a chance to get in the bag.
At this moment I have to stop and tell on myself. I didn't KNOW exactly what I had ordered. As above, I thought I had gotten a plain old fried chicken sandwich and some fries. Got a Pepsi too, not my thing, but it was Goldilocks amount of carbonation and by FAR the best part about what was coming. The fries were nice and hot. Completely devoid of taste, salt, proper amount of cooking...but they WERE hot. The sandwich was in a very attractive and tasty bun. The coating on the chicken was orange. Not sure what all was in that, but the sauce OH, the sauce! Yes, first bite quickly indicated an overcooked chicken breast with a coating I had never experienced. I am not sure what seasonings were in there. I don't know what the people in the Philippines use on their chicken, so it was already a bit of a culinary surprise. That sauce though...man! The first impression was bad mayonnaise with a good helping of fish sauce. And I don't mean like the good aromatic type you might find in good pho, oh no. It was bad, I KNEW it was bad, but I was hangry and thought to myself that perhaps I just wasn't giving it a proper chance. I mean, what do I know about Philippine cuisine?
I went on to take three bites before becoming quite sure that something was seriously amiss with the sandwich. I threw it in the bag and down the road we go. The burps that came on shortly afterward were a herald to the fun I have been enduring for the last five days. My gods, I found ALL the chewing gum I swallowed in grade school. There were a set of car keys to a car I have never owned. I found some glasses I thought I lost in a couch. And I now have a pet gerbil.

Probably (still) should go to the hospital but think I would rather die here in peace. Ugh. At least I am still chipper enough to type, and I have been able to eat even though I have goose guts.
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