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Me duelen las nalgas
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Ugh. Been there, done that, although usually only for a day or two.

I'm usually wary of some restaurants even if I generally like the cuisine. If anything looks, smells or seems the slightest bit off, I don't eat. I think the worst I've seen was a Shoney's, one of those once popular roadside places. Terrible food, everything smelled of rancid grease. Manager gave me a hard time about refusing the food or paying. Only time I've ever done that.

Same with Lisa's chicken, a popular small chain in my hometown. No idea why it's popular because the place stinks of rancid grease, and everything tastes like they fry chicken and fish in the same grease. Once upon a time in the South that was grounds for tarring and feathering a chef. But I guess we're kinder, gentler rednecks now and let restaurants get away with one of the unpardonable sins of Southern cuisine. I barely finished my food and never ate there again.

Now when my friends rave about Lisa's I look at them as if they're aliens and any moment might burst out of their meatsack skinsuits and do a tentacle dance.
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