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Originally Posted by guadzilla View Post
For tarmac, I have 28mm WAMs on both my road bikes, but will replace one with 30mm WAM (likely GP5ks) - and for my roads, that works plenty well. This bike is entirely for solo rides where speed doesnt matter - so I would be happy to trade off a little bit of speed on the pavement for better handling on dirt trails and some loose-over-hardpack. Now that you mention it, I do remember you saying 60psi for 28mm: so 40-45s for trails? I admit i am paranoid about running too low a pressure - years of ingrained habits to overcome, I guess.
40-45psi for trails for you? Or are you asking what I run for trails? I run 35mm tires at 35-40psi.

I'll do short sections of gravel on the 28s, but that's about it - I wouldn't plan a ride with several miles of gravel on those tires, but I know that many in ye olde times did that and lived to procreate just fine. *shrug* It's just too skittish for me and my brand of gravel.

Originally Posted by guadzilla View Post
Agree with you about the tires "feeling" sluggish. I suspect it is the lack of bounciness. On a similar vein, my Lynskey always felt a little flexy, even though the speeds didnt reflect it.
To me, it's the increased weight/moment of inertia/gyroscope effect; mostly when moving the bike side-to-side. Again, I don't think that it translates meaningfully to the stopwatch, but the handling feel is significant to me, and if I want a bike that handles, I want a bike that handles (not that I'm a crit-boy, but still).
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