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Differences in seat post quality

A while back when I got a proper fitting on my Surly Disc Trucker, my fitter recommended replacing my seat post. I didn't need the setback my stock one provided and he preferred one with a two bolt configuration to hold the seat, not a single bolt. He suggested a Soma ZERO (no setback). It's fine seatpost, though it's a part I don't really think about.

Well, the pandemic has given me a bit more time at home to revamp my 2011 Trek 7.3FX -- swap parts that are worn, etc. Of course that's a challenge in an of itself because lots of parts are unavailable/sold out. I've had mostly good luck, despite it all. I want to swap my seat post to a no setback one, as it would move me closer to a more optimal fit for me on that particular bike. Of course that Soma one is sold out everywhere. The only other brands I really know are Thomson and Ritchey. An equivalent Thomson is around $135. My Soma was no more than $30 as I recall. Of course, plenty of online stores have Thomson posts in stock.

I'm rarely one to complain about the price of bike parts as owning a bike is in every way possible less expensive than car ownership. But can someone help me understand what a seatpost like the Thompson will give me that others won't? I've spent a considerable about of time (and $$) buying tools and trying to learn how to be a better mechanic. Along with this, I find I'm taking considerable time to compare parts and make good selections. When I used to leave things to the LBS, they usually throw on the basic of whatever they have. I never knew enough to specify a quality level or what have you.

Finally, do you have some recommendations of seat posts I should look at? I'm looking for what I think is a fairly standard size of 27.2/350. the most important aspect besides no set back and two bolt configuration is that it is available now.

Thank you for any comments.

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