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FulGaz FTP Program - Keen - Month 2


Weeks 1-4
with my FTP set at 144W, sessions were on reflection quite achievable
Then came my new FTP Ramp Test with a result of 155W. This 155W was then used to set the intensity of weeks 5-8.
Week 5 with my FTP set at 155W, sessions are proving to be extremely tough. To the point where I'm "cheating" a little.
The workouts are asking for 170W peaks with ~135W rest periods. I am finding myself unable to maintain the wattage during these rests.
Last Saturday the session crashed 2/3 of the way through, and I was HAPPY.
If I am still unable to complete the sessions this week I will change the Ramp Test calculation and only take 70% on the final result.
These 155W sessions have even stopped me performing the easy outdoor rides on the in-between days. Wheres the fun in that. Though I did get 40 outdoor miles on Sunday.
Week 6 ALL of this weeks sessions have periods of zero watts in between efforts because I needed the additional rest. I have been unable to complete a single session as per planned wattage in two weeks.
I have to assume the FTP Ramp Test result was too high. I see little point in progressing to week 7 and I'll complete Week 6 again in an attempt to get a better result.
Week 6a Prior to starting week 6 I swapped out the Arione saddle on the Wahoo to match the same Carbon saddle I happily use on my other bikes. Seemed like a sensible change. It would have been sensible had I got the saddle height correct. During week 6 I had suffered some knee discomfort, I assumed from all the hard work. But I checked the height. It was too high (~0.75") so I fixed it.
The 3 sessions in week 6a went well. No knee discomfort helps a lot. Tuesday S1=total completion, Thursday (always really tough) S2=Cheated. Saturday S3=Took 3x15sec additional rests, so mostly complete.
The Thursday sessions seem to be the hardest for me. Despite cheating again using additional breaks and a reduction in watts for the last 1/3 on the session, I did do better. This week I managed an 8% increase in average watts over the same session last week. I'm going to claim the win for week 6a and progress on to week 7 . . . . fingers crossed..
Week 7 The 3 sessions this week were again tough. 1&2 I managed total completion. Session 3, I took 2 x 15sec extra breaks in the 1 hour session. Both breaks were after long FTP+ efforts. I'm claiming the win for Wk 7.
I have come to the conclusion that a session you can't quite complete may be better than a session totally complete. I can say I didn't leave much oomph on the table after session 3, I can't claim that for 1&2.
Week 8 Session 1 was 6 laps around London. Six laps around anything is kinda boring. I completed the session, but almost fell off the bike, asleep. They play the same video over and over. I nearly hit the same guy on a bike 6 times.
Session 2 was and easy one, just high cadence prep for the upcoming FTP test. Again I'm going to skip using the 20min FulGaz test. I just don't have the skill to pace for 20mins. Getting a low or no result sucks, FTP Ramp Test to the rescue.
Session 3 The test is tomorrow
I got a disappointing got 159W - - - I know can do better with a good nights sleep.
I'm going to take a mulligan and try again.
Re-did FTP ramp and got 144W and even worse result.
Not sure what to do now.


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