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Originally Posted by ascherer View Post
Good luck, let us know. I'm in the neighborhood too.
Thanks for the Larry's recommendation! Stopped by there this morning. Larry was out but one of his employees had a look, diagnosed it as a loose cup issue ( i should have included more pics for you guys) and tightened the cups/bb. Only issue is apparently I've now developed a front derailleur issue. I've toyed around with limiter screws in addition to the cable but the derailleur is refusing to shift out of my high gear - not really a problem I guess as I rarely ever used the low gear - and a problem I'll leave till I'm working again.

Originally Posted by Charles Wahl View Post
If you need to borrow BB tools, and can live in or can travel to the Upper West Side (Columbia Univ. area) and will take social distancing as seriously as I do, then I may be able to help -- that is, I could do without the tools for a day when you've got all the stuff together to accomplish this.

Finally, do you realize that your profile says "Seattle" and not NYC?
Thank you for the kind offer - i actually live in the UWS too. As I mentioned above, larry's shop seems to have fixed the BB issue - at least for now. I appreciate you offering your tools out but I'm sure I would have botched the job even with multiple tutorials.

I know my profile says Seattle. Definitely due for a change. Its leftover from when I started the account and I was in undergrad. I've actually lived in three cities since but always intended to move back to Seattle hence the lack of change.
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