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"Sparkle cramps"

I put that in the title, but I don't actually know what you call them. I kind of overdid it, doing a 50 mile ride to the Arch Grounds in St. Louis and back, yesterday, since I managed to do 40 miles without issue in the weeks prior. Unfortunately, there is a long section of the Confluence Trail that is gravel, and I was on that entire section on the way back, having crossed the McKinley Bridge on my home-bound leg.

Anyhow, after I got back, the rest of that evening I was suffering from what I was calling "sparkle cramps", where little areas of muscle in my thighs and calves would cramp for a fraction of a second as I moved. I did run out of electrolyte-water before I got home, and refilled my bottle with lemonade from a Casey's on the way back home. Anyhow, I'm curious about that particular effect, since it's the first time I've experienced it. Is it caused by loss of electrolyte or water, or by having to power through a long stretch of rocky gravel while I was out of energy, or both?

Also, I will never do that lemonade thing again. The Calypso Original Lemonade really slapped my tastebuds around and sort of burned in my throat on the way down, to the point where I had suspicions that it might be some sort of "hard" lemonade, but it wasn't. I'm guessing that it was just too strong for my level of hydration at that time.
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