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Originally Posted by Juan Foote View Post
I have a really cool doctor who I see when things get really bad. We talk otherwise. He actually suspected norovirus aside from a symptom or two. The only other thing that fit is/was Salmonella.
Basically whatever it was likely only made me sick the first few days. He suggests that afterwards my stomach biome has been off and the symptoms hanging on are more an indication of that. I was only truly nauseous the first day and I think that had more to do with my gut moving so quickly. With my being able to eat and the lack of any other serious indicators (like blood) we opted not to go the hospital route.
I am still suffering just a touch from it, but a steady flow of Greek Yogurt seems to be helping things along nicely. My weight loss settled out, all said I am sitting on right at 26# of weight loss since early August. The really cool aspect, if there is one, is that my guts are COMPLETELY empty, reset, and even small portions are more than enough right now. It may end up being a bit of a blessing in disguise.

Had something similar back a couple of decades ago when I got a staph infection on my shin. I had banged my shin hard in a bit of a bike mishap and apparently circulation isn't the best at that area of the front of the leg at the shinbone. It got infected. High fever, vomit, the whole thing. They put in a drain, and gave me strong doses of ciprofloxacin. Well that stuff killed my stomach.

After the shin healed I went the yogurt and apple route. Had to ensure that it was the kind with active cultures. Be sure to look for that on the label. These days there are other probiotics readily available. Eat lots of fiber too. Good luck.
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