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Originally Posted by scarlson View Post
I just ran across several posts in the recent Trek thread about the Ishiwata CCL fork crown causing failures. This bike is definitely an '82 according to the catalog, and that fork crown is definitely an Ishiwata CCL. It _did_ look janky and cheap compared to the rest of the bike.

This thread has a lot of hearsay and two first-hand accounts of failure.
And this post shows an actual failure. I only believe these sorts of rumors if I see them, and boy, now I've seen them!

Seems they fail as gracefully as a fork ever can. Still disconcerting. Given how much I've massaged the fork blades around, I think it would have revealed a crack if there were one existing as of now. I've ridden it hard, quite a bit, on gravel this summer. I rinko it regularly so I am always inspecting it in that area. Think that's enough? Maybe I build a fork next. What do people think? gugie?
I've owned three Treks with the dreaded Ishiwata CCL fork crown. I rode the first one for about 15,000 miles before it was stolen. The second one was ridden for about 5,000 miles and then sold in a misguided fit of Swedish death cleaning. The third is the Frek pictured at the top of this thread. It now has about 16,000 miles on it and is going strong. A good portion of my riding is on bumpy pot-holed gravel roads in the Cascade mountains. None of these three bikes ever showed any sign of cracking, and I do check for it periodically. Of course, I realize that just because my fork crown hasn't failed yet doesn't mean it won't fail some day, but I'm not terribly worried about it. There are thousands of these fork crowns out in the world, and we've heard of three that have failed. Not exactly cause for alarm as far as I'm concerned.
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