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Originally Posted by gearbasher View Post
I'm glad you put "Green" in quotes. 62.7% of electricity in the US is generated by using fossil fuels.
Yes, hence the quotes, since it varies so much around the world. Canada does have a green electricity grid, which is why we can make such vast quantities of aluminum economically. Of the populous provinces, only Alberta burns much coal and gas for electricity. In my Ontario, it almost all comes from uranium and falling water, with gas turbines just for peak demand. Trivial wind & solar. Thing is, if our country was drier, and with higher population density, we would need more energy-dense sources, like fossil fuels. Anti-nuke sentiment remains strong even though our plants have never had an accident and CANDUs cannot melt down from loss of moderator.

All that said, Canadaís over-all emissions per capita are higher than the U.S., even though the grid is green.
Cold country needs a lot of (cheap, cheap!) natural gas for space heating and highly suburbanized population that likes pickup trucks & SUVs burns a lot of gasoline, diesel, and (pre-pandemic) jet fuel. And we export vast quantities of fossil fuel, extraction of which emits more than shale formations. Many U.S. states are miles ahead of Canada nationally, because nationally there are winners and losers at each otherís throats in any climate plan.(Small country = small politics.)

But carbon-fibre is the ultimate carbon-capture technology, eh? :-)
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