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Just trying to build up my street cred...

Not sure why I have to post 10 times before I can share pics, but I'll play along. Got into bike riding because of the pandemic...blah blah blah...you've read this before.

I'VE BECOME ABSOLUTELY OBSESSED WITH JAPANESE 3 SPEED BIKES. Which is awesome because they're EVERYWHERE - - NOT. I saw a post on this forum of a 1981 Miyata Commuter, and a few short months later, one popped up on my local facebook marketplace. Having just gotten into riding, I didn't even know the brand "Miyata," but my first bike here (back in the spring) was a 1987 Miyata Trail Runner. The bike is absolutely pristine. You'll have to take my word for it since I'M NOT ALLOWED TO POST PICTURES YET. But I digress.

I've decided that I'm a 3 speed kind of guy, but strictly Japanese. Chromo frames, thin tubes, 27" rims, aluminum fenders. My 81' Commuter looks like the Delorean if I do say so myself. Again, YOU'LL HAVE TO TAKE MY WORD FOR IT FOR NOW.
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