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FulGaz FTP Program - Keen - Month 3

Despite poor test results, I've decided to move on to Month 3 (Week 9-12).
These last 4 weeks up the game with an extra session each week (total 4 sessions)
I will attempt the 4 sessions this week @ a lofty (for me) FTP of 170W.
170W represents an increase of 10% over the previous month, even though I could not test at that level.
Lets see just how badly I fail at that level
I failed to even start !

I posted a thread on this forum regarding what to expect from a month of Intervals. LINK
I received feedback from multiple people, but essentially the general opinion was that FTP+3%/month is about right.
I really don't like this answer.
I haven't done another indoor Interval ride. +3% to give up all my outdoor riding as recovery days is not worth the price.
I've not got the hang of this training thing. It seems to be all or nothing.

Went on a group ride. Having seen their previous Strava's, I knew I couldn't hang with these guys, but decided to try.
GREAT bunch of guys and I held out until the mid-point, where I bailed to go home.
Although it was a no-drop-ride and they were very encouraging, I didn't want to be the one holding them back.
Hey, I had a fun ride on a route I'd never seen before. It was a win for me.

So, what to do. I really do wish to become quicker. And I can't take my electric car on a bike path !

I've hired a Cycling Coach. Had an intro interview today as a reality check and review of goals.
Part of the agreement with the Coaching outfit is not to disclose methods and plans.
I'll post generalizations regarding what's going on, but no actual details.
It's only fair, they are selling their expertise and like all IP it's not my place to be giving it away..

Finger Crossed.


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