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Thanks for Having Me

First time poster, thanks for having me. After not being on a bike since my youth 15 years ago, I have finally given into the urge to get into biking. This isn’t the first time I’ve tipped my toe in the water. Not really knowing what I was doing, a couple years ago I purchased a 70s road bike that was too big for me off craigslist. Being 5’6” with about a ~27 inseam, it’s not difficult for a bike to be too big.

After spending some time lurking on this forum, I determined a hybrid is probably more appropriate for how I’ll use it. After only about 2 weeks of searching, a 1992 Trek 790 popped up on OfferUp which was a little under an hour away. It was no super bargain, but I feel like I got a reasonable deal considering how long I had to wait and the craziness of the Covid market. I picked it up yesterday and couldn't be happier.

The bike seems to be stock. Knowing next to nothing about working on bikes I’m not sure were to start, or if it really even needs major upgrading immediately. I think I’ll start with getting a new seat.

Once I’m able I’ll post pictures in Show your Trek Multitrack!

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