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The box is back on the move.

The box liner is back in commission with reinforcement and a generally box-like shape. Here's what took so long.

First, I had to cut out the industrial grade rivets that had been used in the construction of the box. Then, disassembly and restoring each surface to relative flatness. After that came the re-riveting - which made a wrong turn at Albequerque at the installation of the 4th rivet.

I attempted to free up the rivet head for a couple days, and not being able to find a suitable replacement for less than half the cost of a whole new rivet tool, I grew a bit anguished. You can see the post I made while feeling quite stuck. During our conversations, Mad Honk suggested bolts. M5's seemed a good size to use, but I needed more than I had, and have you priced metric fasteners at a hardware store? Amazon came to the rescue and delivered yesterday. I worked to finish reconstruction on the box with abandon - occasionally finding that I had measured once, and needed to cut twice a couple times.

Late last night it all came back together - at least as much as it could under the circumstances. Sadly, the plexiglass top couldn't be salvaged. I cut a piece of cardboard to size and glued it to it, but there is so much stu... er crap in the box that I couldn't get the top flaps to close within an inch of each other with it on the top. I will save it for posterity, and possibly a place of honor when the man cave comes together in a year or so.

Here's the top view of the stronger box liner:

and a bit closer look at the erector set inspired joinery.

If anyone feels the need to add further reinforcement, have at it. Hopefully, if at some point it requires some tweaking, it won't take as long as it took me using my portable drill, hacksaw, #2 phillips head, allen key and 8mm wrench.
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