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I guess the COVID 19 forum is now the new P&R forum? But to play the game, one country among affluent countries has the largest number of obese and diabetic people, and more than 90% of COVID 19 fatalities in this country were among people who had 2 or more life-threatening preexisting conditions. America has been the fattest and most diabetic country in the world for many years, who do we blame for this? We should blame ourselves, no one holds a gun to our heads and makes us order a Double Gulp, two Big Bite hot dogs, and perhaps a burrito to go along with it. No one forces us to drive our cars to places we could walk to in 5 minutes. No one forces us to sit in front of computer screens or televisions for hours each day instead of being more active. But of course we cannot blame people for being personally irresponsible while the Orange One is sitting in the White House.

In case no one is aware, this one country among affluent countries has spent more per person to fight COVID 19 than any other country, vastly more. Even before COVID 19, this country spent more per person on healthcare than any other country in the world. It is not a lack of money which is the problem. The problem is that little of that money is spent on treatment, too much goes to law firms, insurance companies, corporate executives, and the politically-connected. The Orange One cannot direct how this money is spent, he signs the checks, the checks are cashed at the state level, yet no one blames those that actually spend the money for looting- I mean losing most of it.

But this is nothing new. This country spends more on education and infrastructure than any other country in the world, and most of the money vanishes before it reaches classrooms or highways. It has been this way for decades.

You can try to blame Trump for the severity of the crisis, but in doing so, you are supporting those who are the real villains, which can only make things works.
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