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Just like Covid I'm back

I'm back again on my quarterly recruitment campaign to invite you to join us representing recumbent bike racing in the world's largest weekly sporting event. This being the zwift WTRL Team Time Trials on Thursday nights at 7:35 pm EST. We have up to seven teams racing each week. Two of them are exclusively recumbent teams. We have teams starting at the 1.7W/kg up to 4.5 w/kg level. Most likely we have a perfect fit for you.

Other than being recumbent ambassadors what will this do for you? Well, I can with verifiable proof show you performance levels for almost everyone who joins and sticks with it will see a performance boost. But, don't take my word for this. Ride one time with us and you will know the truth.

It's the best and fastest way to improve ones climbing. Again I can prove it with stats but ride with us once and you will not need any stinking stats for proof. And if you live in Florida you don't have to load up and drive to Clermont to train unless you want to. You get it done inside your own home at your convenience.

Unless you like living the life of a hermit you will have a blast working together as a team along with the comradery the teams form communicating over Discord. If you can't be side by side this is the next best thing.

If you don't want to ride with us, then form your own Team, and if you dare try and beat us. But please no poaching our non-Cruzbike riders who are already racing with us. We kinda like these guys.

We need more numbers. Help us and yourself by Considering giving this a try. Check out our web site here. To join us Thursday take the Poll here and we will contact you shortly or you can check out the Cruzbike forum TTT posts for more info.
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