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Your chance to influence a refinish.

This is the subject:

Bernard Carré/Abel Borne 1 by L Travers, on Flickr

Bear in mind that the color of the frame does not reproduce accurately. It is more of a dark plum color. Really quite striking IMO.

The plan is to refinish in the same color. Chrome will be retained and redone as needed. The seat tube panel will NOT be retained. A down tube panel will be applied and the head tube will be the same color. The DT panel will get B. Carré markings. AFA those markings go, I had some custom work done so I have a choice of B.Carre in white with plum shadow, yellow with plum shadow, and regular white with dark blue shadow.

My dilemma is this. I cannot land upon a color for the panel and head tube. White is out. I don't care for it on the seat tube, so I know I won't like it on the DT. Perhaps an off white? Looking on line I find that pale yellow is supposedly good. Light grey is also recommended. There is even some call for red, charcoal, and even orange. I have tried playing with this in Gimp, but the frame color being off makes it hard to really determine anything.

FWIW, the panel will have French tricolor bands and the ST will have WC stripes.

I am looking forward to the input.
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