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I'd keep the current scheme. Add a decal to the seat tube panel. If the stark white is too much for you, knock it down to cream/ivory. It could also work with a black head tube and seat tube panel. Lastly, a darker shade of plum could work. IMHO anything else is trying too hard. Or just paint the whole thing plum.

AFA a down tube contrast panel, I vote a hard no on that. Just my opinion. It is not something that is historically done, and definitely not something I've ever seen on a Carre. I feel it will look unbalanced, especially if the head tube is contrast painted, and ruin the vintage look of this bike. The only situation I can see a DT panel is if there was a matching ST panel, both with matching decals -- no head panel. That's kind of a 60s/70s race look.

You probably know this but the traditional scheme is ST panel only, or ST and Head tube are contrast.

Here's my Mercian new bike that is painted dark plum with cream panels:

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