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Originally Posted by 2_i View Post
While I alternate between different bikes, the decision of taking the Brompton or not does depend on any weather conditions. I have studded tires for Brompton and they can be useful when it is slippery. In general you actually feel more secure on a folding bike than a regular bike in winter conditions. This is because the center of gravity is lower and it is easier to jump to your feet on the ground off the folding bike than a regular. In fact, my wife might ride a Brompton in the snow, but would not touch a regular bike under such conditions. With derailleur being close to the ground I ran every once in a while to it getting snowed over and quitting to shift.

I also used Bike Friday in the snow, but I had no studded tires for it then and this was quite a while ago. More recently, I acquired the 20" studded tires and made other investments into BF and look forward for trials during the forthcoming winter.

No snow here in rio.
Our winter is 27 celsius sunny days.
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