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Originally Posted by P!N20 View Post
Thereís a few things Iím struggling with here.

Colnago made Saronni frames, but there is nothing about that frame that says Colnago.

As far as Iím aware there wasnít any 531 Saronnis...I doubt thereís any 531 Colnagos, either.

The frame looks to be from the 70ís, but Saronnis werenít produced until the early 80ís.

Saronnis had pantoíd seat stay caps and fork crown, neither of which are on this frame.

I believe Saronnis had two cable guides on the top tube, there isnít any here.

The decals donít look like any Saronni Iíve seen, and usually Giuseppeís handsome face is on the head tube.

So IMO someone has put Saronni decals on what looks to be a nice 531 frame.
hmm there are some special pieces, which might help you define the bike:

what could those symbols mean?
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