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Originally Posted by Riveting View Post
61,000 people (US only) died in 2018 from the flu (and we HAD a vaccine), as compared to 180,000 people, so far, dying from COVID-19 in 2020, an increase yes, but not a very big increase.
especially considering that 9x the amount of people had the flu, as compared to COVID-19? I don't have an answer for that.
Your answer is in your statement.

We've had just over 8 million documented cases of COVID in the USA. Likely > 20 million infected including asymptomatic cases, hitting some communities worse than others.
And, nearly 220,000 dead.

So, if we relaxed all containment measures, how many cases would we have? How many deaths? would 10x as many cases and deaths be acceptable? 2.2 million dead?

Perhaps it is OK if it is not your friends and family that are dying, but they are somebody's friends and family.

With the flu, those in a high risk category can get a vaccine. Those in a low risk category don't need to get the vaccine.

With COVID, those in high risk categories can just hope they don't get infected by someone in a low risk category. And, everyone has some public interaction. Make that safe.
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