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Just completed my 3rd Lactate Threshold (LT) Test (Bloodless).
This is the magic number where if you less work than this, the body does not suffer from a buildup of Lactate acid.
Go above this workload and you will suffer an increasing build of lactate acid. Surprise there is a Wiki on this

So am I seeing a performance increase after all this trolling on my bike subjected to some extremely achievable Heart Rate (HR) and power (W) limitations.
It's been tough to stick to the limitations imposed. After all, I'd become used to ERG training plans at power levels I just couldn't regularly complete.
Add to that, prior outdoor rides at extremely high exertion levels and surely, all this trolling around can't really be having any effect, can it?

Turns out if you mix HR, Watts, Time, and some graph paper - you get some interesting results.

09/30/2020 at 127bpm I could achieve 115W (LT Test virgin, I think I was nervous ! )
10/07/2020 at 137bpm I could achieve 130W
11/03/202 at 137bpm I could achieve 137W

So after 1 month endurance training (trolling around) I'm now able to output an additional 7W without lactate build up and at the same 137bpm. even sent me a congratulations email today on my (1W) eFTP increase, that was the last thing I expected.

So yes... I am able to see a performance increase over the last month and that's just endurance training without much in the way of strength training.

One month into coaching and building an endurance baseline and I can already see some improvement.
Very unexpected and I'm enthused to move into month two.


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