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help with hydraulic disk brakes

I found that the lever of my Tektro hydraulic disk brake was going further and further to the bar until the brake wasn't engaging whatsoever so I thought I'd perform a bleed.

It seemed very successful. The lever only needed slight depression and it would engage the pads on the disk.

But after a few days the same thing happened so I had another go.

World of pain.

Can anyone help?

I perform the bleed easily enough. And when the brake block is in, when I depress the lever it stops after a short time as the round things (sorry, don't know the .

However, when I take the block out and put the pads back in, the lever goes all the way down and there's no engagement.

So I'm thinking there's nothing wrong with the system itself but there's something wrong with what I'm doing.

I have tried depressing the lever to push the pistons out more before putting the wheel back on but that doesn't work.

I have changed the fluid a hundred times now. Same problem each time.

Is it me?

Is it a faulty part?

Any help gratefully received
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