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Centerlock disc lock ring won't budge

I'm trying to remove the discs from a set of wheels I picked up last month (used) to throw on the winter bike before we get some real snow here. The goal here is to service the hubs since they feel a bit rough. Front/rear are both Shimano and take the Park Fr5.2 tool. Before you ask - I *am* turning counter-clockwise. Well, trying ..... neither of them will break, even with a large portion of my fat *rse weight leaning into the wrench.

What am I fighting here? I presume a thread-locker (rather than grease) on the threads is SOP. What's your favored leverage position for something like this? I'm worried about putting too much trauma on the rims, as I'm forced to work with them standing upright on the ground. Any advice here?

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