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Originally Posted by cpach View Post
Still, most experienced cyclists and nearly all mechanics agree that you should not invert a bike to fix a flat. It scuffs the tape and saddle and provides an excellent opportunity for the bike to tip over and smack a thin-walled carbon tube into something. You can simply release the brake with the bike upright, shift into the small/small, and remove the wheel, then set the bike down lightly on the left side on a preferably soft surface on the side of the road, fix the flat, and reinstall with the bike upright.
I strongly disagree. The saddle and the hoods are made from soft and flexible materials. If you invert the bike carefully and don't move it so that it slides over the surface, nothing bad will happen. If there's something hard, the padding of the seat or the hood rubber will absorb it instead of getting a scratch.

If you lay the bike on its side, there's potential for you to scratch the fork, the brifter, pedal, chainstay or even bend the derailleur hanger. Most "soft" surfaces have gravel, small stones or other hard things in them with potential to scratch your bike. Not to mention that you don't always have soft surfaces nearby when you flat, which guarantees that if you set the bike on its side, you're going to scratch it.

The only times where I don't invert the bike to fix a flat is if there's a soft surface nearby and it's a front tire flat. As it's easy to find a place where I can put the fork ends on the ground without damage.

Regarding storing the bike inverted, I have not done it, but due to a lack of space, I store the bikes hanging from the wall. One faces up, and the next one down. I always try to have hydraulic brake bikes facing up, but once I ran out of space and had a bike with Shimano SLX brakes on the down position. It was like this for a few weeks without issues. Not that I recommend it though.
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