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Originally Posted by merziac View Post
Not surprising, I'm no fan of these guys in general, tv shows and huge resources strip mining the country, world , etc.

Look at the muscle car sink hole, $100 of 1000's for ones now that only cost a few $1000 when new.

We need to be glad they haven't targeted our stuff yet, if you're on their radar you may never find a good deal ever again.
Perhaps consider the early '00s a perfect storm of things. The neo-retro styling theme for cars was created, and was met with great success. TV shows, a generational (Boomer) interest coupled with the now-available funds to cash in or make a go of getting that high school dream car, etc. You're of or very near that generation, so you can relate directly, or at least understand. I personally can't stand the Barrett Jackson auctions and their kind. I have no interest in watching cars go up for auction that are pushed up to the stand and not driven up to it in addition to the crazy prices. It isn't even the Pebble Beach Concours!

Don't worry about cars from or near my (Millennial) generation staying cheap, because all the ones I really like are already going up or have hit sky-high numbers (Acura NSX, Integra Type-R, Civic Si, Celica GT-4, 3000GT VR-4, 300ZX TT, 2JZ Supra TT, FD RX-7, BMW E30 M3, etc). The tentacles of the collector car scene know no bounds! Prices of normal used cars, thanks to this year, are up. Especially trucks. It's pretty baffling. I looked at a number of them early this year as part of my wide-ranging next-vehicle search, and it was frustrating. I don't drive a ton (and definitely not for work), so an older '80s/'90s truck would have been fun, or even something from the 2000s. But no, crazy money everywhere, and for trucks in not as nice a shape as they should have been (or with decent miles). So I bought a car and got a ton of reliable and very nice car for a respectable amount.

As this relates to bikes, the next wave of C&V will be the '90s and of course the early '00s. Titanium, heat treated Reynolds, scandium, and carbon will be things that people will pick up. Schwinn Homegrown bikes, that era of custom builder, etc. For me, personally, as a tall guy, no one during this era made anything in my desired frame size (ok, aside from the occasional 66cm Cannondale). That died in the '80s over here (but not in the Netherlands and Koga-Miyata!). And really, if things get crazy expensive for a bike in my size, then they come right up to, or surpass, the price of a custom frame. Guess what I'm buying? This is where bikes are really nice (vs. cars)--price thresholds come more rapidly, and cheaply!

Prices ebb and flow with interest and market demand (usually, right??). Will people care for '60s and '70s muscle cars et al in 20-30 years like people have cared for Duesenbergs, Auburns, Cords, and Packards from the Depression era? I like all those old cars, and I think a lot of those old bikes are neat. None of those cars or bikes are of any practical value to me as their modern counterparts--including what I drive--are vastly superior in many ways, and for muuuuuch less money; so you won't find me inflating those market bubbles. [And no, I am not advocating for those things to be forgotten or destroyed. History is important.]

In the end, I think this is one part inevitable, and one part not a big deal. We all still have the bikes we ride, so in that regard, there's nothing to worry about.
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