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Originally Posted by ARider2 View Post
I know it may not cause issues to put a bicycle with hydraulic disc brakes upside down but this is from the Shimano safety instructions (document SI-8KC0A-001-00) for their Deore disc brakes:

"When turning the bicycle upside down or on its side, the brake system may have some air bubbles inside the reservoir tank which are still there when the bleed screws are replaced, or which accumulate in various parts of the brake system when it is used for long periods. This disc brake system is not designed to be turned upside down. If the bicycle is turned upside down or on its side, the air bubbles inside the reservoir tank may move in the direction of the calipers. If the bicycle is ridden in this condition, there is the danger that the brakes may not operate and a serious accident could occur. If the bicycle has been turned upside down or on its side, be sure to operate the brake lever a few times to check that the brakes operate normally before riding the bicycle. If the brakes do not operate normally, adjust them by the following procedure.
Yes, it can happen. Although in my experience it's more likely to happen when you accidentally press the lever in a inverted or vertical position. It never happened to me when putting the brake upside down without touching the levers. In any case,it's nearly always solved by pressing the lever multiple times with the bike on a normal position, at first it has too much travel and it keeps diminishing on every press until it's normal again.

I always check the brakes before riding or if I have placed the bike upside down position.
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