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Just when you think you know whats going on!

Here is something different... A book review (of sorts)

So for most of this cluster year 2020, I've been charging around. Trying to to PB on my regular 20 mile circuit and get fitter/faster.
My weight has been creeping up during this time from 200 to 207 lb. Not a drastic change, so OK I'll live with it.

Then came Coach. Now coach stops all of this rushing about at 152+ bpm heart rate and 120-130W averages and Coach says.....
"You shall not exceed 137bpm or 150W absolute max, even climbing hills." Eh!.... OK!

So for the last 4-5 weeks I've trolling around and have a generally relaxed time.
But wondering just all of this lollygagging is doing for me.
But, I'm paying the man to tell me just what to do, and so I'm going to get my moneys worth and do it.

Now it gets weird. I've lost 5 pounds in the last 4 weeks.
And where I was creating ~80W at137bpm, now at the same 137bpm I'm closer to 100W (These are road bike numbers and lower than testing, I don't know why)

So being that i'm edumacated, I gots me an book.

Power Meter Handbook by Joe Friel. Velopress
Turns out if you train below your Lactate Threshold your body can burn fat. If you go gangbusters all over the place, not so much.
I also had no idea all the info hidden in the Power Meter data I was missing.

Although technical in spots, Joe's writing style tends to warn you first, then walk you through, and even brings a smile at times.
If you're running a power meter, this book is extremely educational and may change the way you choose to train.

For me, I don't expect to replace Coach with a book, but it's nice to know that Coach and Joe seem to be on the same page.

More power and less weight, what's not to like.

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