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Overtight Seat Clamp on Aluminum Frame


Complete newbie here

I've recently bought a new bike and while I was buying it at the store, the folks there had to modify the seat post so that it would fit my height. After a couple of weeks I decided to buy a new, more comfortable, saddle and as I was installing it, I realized that the seat clamp on the bike was really tight - so tight in fact that I couldn't budge the seat clamp lever without a lot of force. In fact, I couldn't even push it in towards the seat tube and I had to loosen the bolt with a hex key to be able to fully move the lever. I've adjusted it now but I'm worried that it was extremely tight over the last few weeks and that it might have led to cracks forming on the seat post as well as on the frame. I can buy a relatively inexpensive but decent seat post but I'm even more concerned about the frame. I've seen lots of similar questions on the Internet regarding carbon frames but couldn't find too many about aluminum frames.

Can you please let me know how I can check whether there is any damage on the frame? I can use a flashlight and a magnifying glass to look for cracks but I don't know if that would be sufficient.

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