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Originally Posted by pdlamb View Post
Contrary opinion: get the rim tape that's wide enough to cover the well the spoke holes are in, but no wider.
Assuming the OP is going tubeless.....on many rims, if you you don't run the tape to the edge, you may have a hard time getting the bead to seat with a floor pump and will need to use compressed air. Not a problem at home if you have one, but sucks if you need to re-seat elsewhere. Ask me how I know this

Not an issue if the OP is not running tubeless, of course.

Originally Posted by pdlamb View Post
You want to make sure the spoke holes are covered. But it's a whole lot easier to install tires, and remove them to fix a flat, if you can drop the tire bead down into that center well.
Not sure I am following, here. If you cover the holes, you are putting the tape on the bottom of the well. What is the alternate recommendation?
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