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The next incarnation of my '80's Beach Cruiser

I started having a recurring issue of the rear inner tube blowing out even with multiple wraps of rim tape . The original steel wheel had galvanized spokes that were a corroded mess. Truing the wheels if it ever was required was in the in your dreams category so I decided to modernize the bike a bit more. This model Schwinn started life as a 1 X 5 derailleur bike and I did a mild update to 1 x 6 indexed and really liked it as such until I started having the blowout issues. Meanwhile I had picked up a pair of Shimano Alfine IGH 8-speed hubs off of e-bay (got a little carried away one night) one was a high polish and I used that on my Bianchi super San Jose8 project . The other was the not as pretty epoxy coated version and after much thought I realized that it would give me even wider gearing that the 1 x 6 derailleur setup.

I love having fenders on a bike, but on this particular one having the fender stays attach to the rear axle meant needing a repair stand and six hands to put the rear wheel on. The fender stays had gotten chewed up from the constant stresses of wheel removal and the Wald replacement stays I bought were too short. So I attached them to the rear rack eyelets and solved the problem. Although I'd love to put a rear rack on it I'm not a fan of the beach cruiser type rack which has no bottom anchor point for panniers so I bought axle nuts to haul my extra wheel trailer which can be set up wither either kitty litter panniers or a set of large Jannd Mountaineering panniers.
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