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Originally Posted by rustystrings61 View Post
If you say so. But fwiw, I recently re-acquired a bike I sold in 1987, a bike my father bought for me in 1978, and now that it's home it's not going anywhere. No matter what other bikes come in the door, there is no good reason to let go of a bike you love. Period.

Sell it and the odds are very good that at some point you'll regret it and find yourself seeking another one like it. That's been my experience both with bikes and guitars - and frequently you spend a LOT of time, effort and money to recapture something you shoulda just kept. I write this as I ponder how I have a custom Mercian and two vintage Raleighs in my stable, all because I stupidly decided I needed to part with a rattle-canned '71 Raleigh Competition I fished from a trashpile and rode for a few years. It was an awesome bike that if I'd had a lick of sense I would have had painted and fitted with bottle bosses - and I'd still be riding it.
Dagnabbit! What you say rings true! I need a defense if I’m gonna do that, though, because my wife will be pissed. I guess I could say it’s not really worth anything, which is kind of true; I could get $400 probably. I could also sell one of the other bikes I care less about, like the old Motocane Gran Jubilée. I did recently give away the Schwinn Collegiate, too, so maybe she’d be satisfied to know I’ve reduced the fleet size...
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