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Further notes - I am old enough to be a grandfather, and only the fact that I entered fatherhood late in life has kept me from that title. I HAD a Rivendell and sold it because the money from selling that frameset and all the blingy bike jewelry went to family needs. We also had matching Quickbeams and both of those went a long time ago. My custom Mercian remains as my only bike with any appreciable value, and it's in the same category as my one really nice guitar - it's a keeper for life, because I've learned that if I buy something I really, really like and it works for me and continues working for me, be happy with it. This is why despite pressure from dear spouse and her family, I continue to drive the 1997 Ford Ranger 4-banger 5-speed I bought used in 1999 - it works, it always works, and it is the ONLY motor vehicle I have ever had in my life that has NEVER left me stranded.

My stable has grown over the last few years, but it has all been for very small amounts of money because I'm a not only a vintage bike guy, I'm a CHEAPSKATE vintage bike guy.

Truthfully, a modern-ish mass-produced bike's MONETARY value after 15 years is pretty much nil. If you're talking about hand-built lugged and brazed, okay, those retain more value because of the artisanal thing - but even then, the value is much less than one would expect. I considered myself lucky that I got about 60 percent of what I paid for my Rivendell when I sold it, and maybe 50 percent of the parts value.

f there are other bikes in the stable you can part with, AND you need to part with something, send on the ones you aren't bonded with. From your initial post, if you sell this one you WILL resent it and you probably WILL look for another one like it. I spent more than 20 years seeking just a Puch like the one I had sold and had pretty much given up, when THAT EXACT BIKE surfaced on FB Marketplace. Not odds I would think are repeatable.
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