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Originally Posted by chaadster View Post
Man, after 15 years, a guy gets to love his bike, you know what I mean?

In my mind, Iíve decided that with my age and lifestyle changes, itís time for me to get a new rig, one that looks forward to the next 15 years. My heart, though, is still attached to this Novara Buzz which has been a terrific companion as I transitioned from a guy living with his girlfriend to father in a family of four. Really, the bike has been a trusted companion to me, from bike festivals to bar runs, from winter commute slogs, to hauling kids and cargo. Itís truly been my perfect definition of a sport utility vehicle...and Iím emotionally attached!

I donít really have a reason to make this post, other than, I suppose, as a therapy to help me get comfortable with my decision to move on. I opened the computer to hit Craigslist, but just couldnít do it, so I came here to cry first. Weíve all got to move on at some point, right? I mean, it makes no sense to keep a bike forever, right?

I guess I just wanted to go on the record once for a bike which never got the limelightó it never did the big rides, the fast rides, or was the subject of a BF threadó but was always my ride-or-die for the past 15 years. So many good memories derive from this bike. Itís hard to say goodbye.

Thanks for the shoulder to cry on, folks. Now to CL to do what needs done...

Don't sell it, because you will regret it. I had...yes a GMC Denali Road Bike. I stripped most of the crappy components off it, but left it behind when I moved. I know its a crappy bike but the frame was super sturdy, and I could've built it out with better components. Your bike looks great, and its an old friend to you.
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