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Oh man, Bobby, I am so sorry to hear about the wife and kids.
And youíre just trying to put food on the table too. I commiserate. Iím in pretty much the same bind.
Iíve got seventy five long boxes of comics in the house and Iím actively cataloging and selling off duplicates of keys. Comic books and cards are everywhere and She who controls my life is a little bewildered by how our home has become a comic book and sports card clearinghouse. But sheís putting up with it in good grace so far.
I feel bad and all, but Iím just trying to make a buck.
Any chance you can do something like rent a storage space for the bikes so you can get them out of the house? Iím actually thinking of renting a cheap office or storage space somewhere so I can go through the entirety of my collection in peace and quiet. Iím finding many copies of books I didnít even know I had. Must have bought them, added them to the collection and forgot about them. Just found multiple copies of Amazing Spider-Man issues 361, 362 and 363. All high grade. One set is going up on eBay. Two other sets will be going up for sale on consignment in local NYC shops.
Sucks that there are boxes of stuff everywhere but nice that Iím prolly gonna do very well on the sales of just those books. I just sold off a bunch of early Spider-Man keys that feature the first appearances of the Sinister Six. Never could have done that if I didnít have space to look through thousands and thousands of worthless comics lol.
You might similarly benefit from such an arrangement. You can work unmolested and the wife and kids can walk around the house without knocking over bikes.
Whatever you decide to do, I hope everything works out with you guys.
Maybe swoop down on her with a bouquet of roses and put together a fancy steak dinner for her and the kids?
Thatíd thaw the ice over here pretty quickly, anyways. She LOVES when I cook for her and her family.
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