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Originally Posted by Rage View Post
I also got over twenty five bikes in the basement. Tell your wife!
Maybe sheíll cut you some slack...
lol Thanks. She was the victim of my narcissistic personality. Before Covid I worked, and Iím not exaggerating, 72 hours a week for a year straight. Covid struck and then Quarantine and then I was home all day all night. We found out that we didnít get along. Then it became toxic. The bike thing was just icing on the cake. She wanted me to stop messing with bikes. I would be up all night working on them and the during the day going out to make deals. She told me to stop and I said no. I couldnít understand why I HAD to stop. I was trying to build up a name for myself. I was starting to get respect from guys that were doing this before Covid. To me, she didnít understand. I still feel that way. She figured out with a setting on my phone that I was on Offerup about 8 hours a day. My thinking was that even tho I invest hours into finding bikes it was just something that isnít part of the whole scheme of things.... and I guess it is. But I kept on. Now she lives 18 hours away and I can be on Offerup as much as I want. Alone. But I still love bikes and if it wasnít for bikes I might have gone off the deep end. I still feel like she could have dealt with me being on the phone a lot.

Thatís cool that you have all those comics. Itís impressive. I used to have a ton of old Star Wars toys. I wish I would have kept them. I ended up selling them at a comic book store for less than half of what I thought they were worth. My sister collected cards. Like a lot. I always thought it was weird. But now I think it was cool. She started doing it when she was like 8 yers old. The only thing I was collecting when I was that age was dirty clothes.

Today I donít feel like dealing with people or drive around but I canít make money that way. I have only been on Offerup about 30 minutes total today and itís 5 pm over here. I guess I need to put on some bike riding vids on YouTube and get pumped up. I might ride this Felt I got yesterday and try to convince myself that I donít need to convert it into single speed. Itís partly cloudy and 79 degrees outside. Tomorrow might be cold. Maybe in the low 70ís lol.
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