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A bike ride痴 the way to go if you want to clear your head. Has always worked for me. The blushing bride and I are gonna meet up with some people from the bike club tonight and cruise around Manhattan for a couple hours. Looking forward to that.

The comic books and sports cards are the legacy of being a weird kid. My parents actually let me spend two thousand dollars on a copy of Amazing Fantasy 15 when I was twelve or thirteen. I made the money buying and selling John Byrne comics at comic book shows and conventions.
And I became obsessed with finding those Shaquille O誰eal rookie cards in high school and college lol. Was buying boxes of cards. Scouting for them at shows. Yeesh, I was/am weird haha!
My craziness extended to buying up failing comic shops in the late nineties and early 2000s. I spent a lotta weekends peddling books at comic shows around the country. Lotta riding too. Was so much fun.
Everything kinda dropped off when I hit my thirties. Work. Life. You know. But I have a ridiculous collection of books and cards now that I am unemployed. And, thankfully, they池e actually selling. Was surprised as heck but it seems there is an uptick in back issue comic sales or something going on.
Whatever the case, I知 liquidating books rapidly.
But I知 going to hit a point very soon when I run out of the good stuff and then I知 in trouble lol. And I値l be left with like sixty five boxes of worthless comics and cards cluttering the house too. I guess I could put them back into storage at my parents but they seem so appreciative I moved them outta there...

With any luck, things will get better soon and then we can all go back to the way things were before the pandemic.
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