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Converting old 26" to Tubeless

Hey guys -

So still working on my vintage Bridgestone MB-3 upgrade project. I bought some used 26" rims which will accept my 11 speed cassette, but only later did I realize that one rim is presta and the other was drilled out for shrader. I don't really want to carry two different style of tubes while riding, so I guess I have two options:

1. Drill out the other presta rim so they are both shrader
2. Convert the rims to tubeless so I can run lower pressure / not worry about tubes

Option 1 is obviously easier, but I would prefer option 2. Is this something that is plausible / doable?

My concerns are:

1. The drilled out hole is large for a shrader valve - aren't all tubeless valves set up for presta? Won't the hole be too big?
2. What are some cheap-ish tubeless-ready 26" tire? I can't seem to find much info on Maxxis tires as to whether they are tubeless ready.
3. If I want to try this on the cheap, can I use gorilla tape instead of expensive tubeless tape?
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