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Originally Posted by Afcyclestx View Post
Itís taken hard work and hours and hours sitting in front of my phone. Itís not always easy. In fact, itís rarely easy. I get ripped off sometimes. I got a counterfeit 100 a couple of weeks ago and my truck got broken into and they took about 800 in parts. My wife left me and took my kids because I am trying to make this bike thing happen too hard. Now all I have is my bikes. But Iím trying to start a business. I was a Head Chef of a nice as restaurant. Great food and reviews... and Covid hit. Before Covid I didnít ride bikes. I had a passion when I was a kid and stumbled onto this bike thing. I was actually flipping guitars and modifying amps and not making cash. Just went into hustle mode because I have 3 kids and my wife. I got a bike because it reminded me of being a kid. I fixed it up, a midschool Redline BMX, and enjoyed it so much I got another. Only this time it was a brand new $500 bike this trophy wife was selling to clear out her garage. 50 bucks. I snagged it up. I was the first person to respond to her post. It had been up like 2 minutes and I was in her area. I got it and it felt good. It was my come up bike. I traded it for 2 bikes and cash on top. So now I had 3 bikes. Wife started trippin but I felt like I had to keep flipping money because I lost me job and it was all I could do. Restaurants were closed. All of them. What could I do. Now, my genius way of having money to put food on the table has left me alone. My wife got tired of all the bikes and the kids were knocking into handlebars and pedals. I was going to pick up bikes at 1 in the morning and she thought I was cheating. Jeez. This Covid **** really turned my world upside down. My wife took my kids and went to Tennessee and lives with her mom. My narcissistic personality disorder and the bikes were too much. I have too many bikes and I keep getting more. Who could pass up a $55 Trek? Did I need it? No, probably not. Will it sit there for a couple of weeks. Probably. Is that the last bike I buy? Hell no! Iím trying to get a shop and have a business that my family can come back to. Only thing is I think itís too late. Iíve invested so much time and money I have to keep going. We all have it in us to figure out what we need to do. Iím always tying to find a way to make money with money. Always. For me, Iíd rather buy a $55 bike and make a quick $200 profit than a $55 bag of coke and make $200. But when all is said and done, I know that when I feel real depressed and down and out from being alone.... a real cool bike is in the other room. Waiting for me.... and all I have to do is take that sucker out and hit the streets... and when Iím riding everything seems ok.
This definitely has the makings of a country song. Sell this story to someone in Nashville. Maybe you can make some big bucks.
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