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Originally Posted by speedyspaghetti View Post
Hey guys -

So still working on my vintage Bridgestone MB-3 upgrade project. I bought some used 26" rims which will accept my 11 speed cassette, but only later did I realize that one rim is presta and the other was drilled out for shrader. I don't really want to carry two different style of tubes while riding, so I guess I have two options:

1. Drill out the other presta rim so they are both shrader
2. Convert the rims to tubeless so I can run lower pressure / not worry about tubes

Option 1 is obviously easier, but I would prefer option 2. Is this something that is plausible / doable?

My concerns are:

1. The drilled out hole is large for a shrader valve - aren't all tubeless valves set up for presta? Won't the hole be too big?
2. What are some cheap-ish tubeless-ready 26" tire? I can't seem to find much info on Maxxis tires as to whether they are tubeless ready.
3. If I want to try this on the cheap, can I use gorilla tape instead of expensive tubeless tape?
Just gotta ask: Are these tubeless compatible rims?

Tubeless valves are available in both Schrader and Presta.

Gorilla tape works just fine. One downside to it is that if you need to re-tape, it is a pain to get all the glue of the rim. Personally, I'd drop the $15-20 and get the tubeless tape.

Any Maxxis Tire that is Tubeless Ready will say so. Indicated with "TR". Many 26" tires have not been updated since the ubiquity of tubeless and are not TR. However, I am currently running a non-TR DHF on a Stans rim with no issues.
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