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thanks Carleton. Hopefully these pictures show the issue.

This is the instruction and diagram from the manual that I found online about replacing the hub batteries.

On the non drive side of the bike, this is the screw to loosen to take off the half cap for the hub.

When the half cap is pulled out, the loose batteries that i had previously placed come with it since they are attracted to the magnet that I presume is there for the cadence sensor. There is no obvious battery bed, and no battery terminals at all. These are AAA's but I had also previously tried the E90's and they were even looser.

Close up view of the other half cap. Also no battery terminals, and no good place to seat the batteries.

You can see how the removed half cap aligns to fit with the other half. Problem is that the batteries do not really have a bed and there are no battery terminals.

This is the original manual; definitely a Pro 300PT

Instructions in the original manual on how to change the hub batteries .
his is the screw for the half cap that is to be taken off.
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