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Originally Posted by loheiman View Post
I did my first headset service on my 2019 Jamis Renegade which came with a FSA Orbit ITA Headset.

One of the bearings was notchy and i tried to clean it/regrease it which helped a bit but it's still not super smooth. While I may be able to do a better job (I foind removing seals tricky), the bearings only have one seal which seems like a poor design.

I could buy FSA replacements for $40 but am thinking I should look for fully sealed bearings. I've found Enduro in the upper bearing size but haven't had much luck with the lower size.

Is it worth trying to upgrade the bearings or should I stick with the OEM?
If so, where should I be looking? Any recommended retailers or brands?

The upper bearing is 30.2mm ID 41mm OD 6.5mm thick ACB 36 45
The lower bearing is 40mm ID 52mm OD 8mm thick ACB 36 45
I would buy a a whole new headset and get the premium ones with fully sealed bearings. I don't know about the Enduro and need more information about your headtube and steering folk to make the proper headset to get. I just replaced my Ritchey WSC after 3 years and 20,000 miles. t was there premium headset and I don't ride in rain at least on purpose. Mine the lower bearing went bad the upper was fine. Mine is external cup bearings and the lower was bad. The race was pitted and I could feel in in the steering. For $59 it is a no brainer the bearings themselves cost as much as the whole headset separate. I just knock out the old cups and pressed in new cups and put bearings in with marine grease. I used anitseize on the cups to press in and wow what a difference. Completely new and beautiful handling now. Without question go completely new and get the sealed bearings. Headsets are cheap even good ones. What is the specs on your folk and headtube? That will give better information. I would go with the standard 45 45 degree stuff now the 36 45 is older and really not used from what I can read.
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