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Originally Posted by ncyue View Post
Thank you for solving my mystery Carleton!
I think that might cost more than the bike cost me. Oh well. I am certain that the original owner/seller had no idea, he was going by the paperwork that came with the bike.
Really appreciate your help!!
No problem. Happy to help!

Yeah, it might not be worth the effort and money.

An easy, modern, and flexible solution would be to simply use power meter pedals. How much are those these days? $600-700 new? Plus you can use them on any bike after the winter.

I wouldn't look to change out the cranks. It's possible, but it uses an odd bottom bracket (ISIS?), then you'll have to find some BMX cranks with the same BB and with a power meter...then a chainring. More than it's worth.

One maintenance item you can do is to replace the chain with a quality single speed chain and hope that your steel chainring isn't "sharktoothed" (replacing it is about $100. The chainring and right crank arm are a single steel unit). Depends on how much use it saw (home use or in a public gym).

You'll have to buy 2 chains, 1 isn't quite long enough. Just use 2 master links to join them all together.
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