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TA Pro 5 Vis: a saga

Hi all, newbie here but lurker for the past 2 years. I'd like to share my long, arduous tale involving my TA "cyclotouriste" crankset over the past 4 months.
I came into possession of this coveted artifact in July, when I bought a 1970 Schwinn Sports Tourer, so I got the crank and the BB set. I sold off everything else to a gentleman in Oregon, but I couldn't part with the crankset. Now for the Schwinn enthusiasts here, that means this crank was set up as a double, with two chainguards and a ridiculous ratio of 54t big ring, 36t small. I commute on a 52-40 (yay young knees) so this wasn't going to work. I want to put the cranks on my Raleigh Gran Sport so I set out to make some changes. Here is where everything went wrong.
I bought a 50t outer ring, but somehow completely missed the fact that it was only drilled to be run as a single! It did have the holes for the chainguard though, curious. I had my technician friend drill holes to make it a double (I apologize to the community if I defaced a unique item) but he based the hole spacing off the holes for the chainguard ring and they weren't aligned properly! So if anyone is interested in a 50t outer 50.4 bcd ring with "minimalist drillium" let me know.
So that was a bust. Fast forwards to last month when I found a 48t outer ring on the 'bay for a reasonable price and acquired it.
Last night I finally had time to put it together and !!! The 48t chainring had the newer bolt holes that are countersunk(?) and are meant to be used with the newer allen key bolts, not the very old school nut and washer of the earlier TA rings.
I bought the chainring bolt set from VO that claims to work with TA cranks and once it arrives I may FINALLY have a working Pro 5 Vis.
I'm going to have an aneurism if they don't fit.

Now I have an extra big and small chainguard, a 54t outer ring, a 50t outer ring single, and a bunch of very old school chainring bolts. Oh and a double crankset. That may have French pedal threading.

Any fun stories like this?
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