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Originally Posted by Banzai View Post
I live in the Twin Cities, MN.

My 700x35 studs really struggle with the ice ruts that form on the roads after the cars drive through, and things re-freeze. 26x4.0 does good in the winter, but the rest of the year I don't really ride it. And I'd kind of like to consolidate the stable.

Will 29x2.25ish studs handle the ice ruts and "mashed potatoes?"
Let me guess: The 700s get pushed all over the road. They seem to go everywhere but where you want them to go. They get thrown off line and get trapped in the ruts. Itís a struggle to keep the bike moving forward. Right? Kind of like what would happen if you put the same tires on a rutted rocky trail.

The problem isnít the tires (necessarily) but the bike. Ice and snow isnít all that different from rocks and sand (with some obvious differences). Approach it as a mountain bike problem and throw suspension at it. A suspension fork will make the ruts easier to navigate and rear suspension would add traction. 35mm probably isnít going to cut it but wider studs with suspension would. It has for me for the better part of 25 years.
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