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Originally Posted by 70sSanO View Post
Since it is a Rockshox, the best you can do is see if the dealer can find a 30 Gold with a 1-1/8Ē steerer and 80mm of travel. They were available a couple years ago. 80mm is longer than your current travel (46mm or 63mm) but Iím running longer forks on my old mtbís. Youíll never find anything current at less than 80mm and even that is getting tough.

If you can get one, you will need to set up the front with a disc brake, but you can re-lace your front rim to a disc hub, (maybe you can use a road/gravel hub but Iím not sure) if you want and run a road mechanical disc in the front. I think you can use your cantilever levers with the road disc caliper in front at cantiís in the back.

My weapon of choice has been old Bomber forks, and I need to find out what seals are still available. Bombers arenít the lightest but they seem to hold up. I wouldnít do any serious drops or jumps with them. They are getting tougher to find.

The Judy TT was either 80 or 100mm if I remember correctly.

I had one and it was 80mm.
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